update 1.0.6: the “day based history for good measurement” update

The 1.0.6 update has been handed to the brave folks at the Apple AppStore review process on the 25th of November 2013. It’s going to be available whenever they finished the review process.

Since history is in for a couple of versions now it was about time to change the metric from “number of measurements” to the way more intuitive “days since”. Now this allows you to not control how many pins are displayed but how many days the history goes back in time.

A small change has been applied on the server side of the free Miataru service as well: Compression. – Since especially the location history can be quite big (>200 kilobyte for a full 1000 history items dataset) the Miataru client will now transparently use compression between himself and the server where available. Bringing down those 200 kbytes to 20 kbytes. This results in faster response and lower data plan usage.

In addition the pin itself is now rendered more detailed and will probably change a lot in the next upcoming versions.

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