What happened since the launch?

Since the first availablility of the iOS client a lot of things have happened. Four updates – each with fixes and new features – have been released through the Apple AppStore.

But what exactly changed? – I try to keep the version notes in the AppStore as short as possible so it fits on anyones screen. This iOS App Site here is the place to get more information what has changed and what will change.

Version 1.0.1: The ‘time-since’ update

Aside from a nasty bug that still displayed devices on the map even when you had them already deleted a new feature was added that displayed not only the devices name in the maps but also the time that has gone by since that device updated:

Version 1.0.2 and 1.0.3: The iPad update

Finally the first version got optimized for the iPad! Of course also a new feature for all device categories was that now the maps zoom to fit all devices that they should display. Zoom to fit simplifies the overview map usage dramatically. In addition the app allowed it’s users now to select a default zoom level and the map type.

Version 1.0.3 also fixed a problem with the iPhone 5s implementation – since the 5s uses the new arm64 platform it was the first and only device to come with 64 bit code. Unfortunately there had been a bug in the QR Code generator that lead to QR Device codes not being rendered correctly.

Version 1.0.4: the ‘more security and history’ update

Alongside a lot of user found bugfixes (qr code scanning orientation, pins got hidden under semi-transparent bars, ipad map scaling sometimes weird) version 1.0.4 brought a enormous number of new features.

The free Miataru.com service now switched automatically to https. This means that all location updates and location requests are encrypted from this version on. This added security made the foundation to introduce the history functionality to the Miataru client app.

By hitting a button in the devices detail view the history of that device (if made available by that device) can be accessed now. In addition there is a new setting to allow the user to configure how much history he wants to see.

The device QR code can now be sent out through eMail with just the push of a button in the QR code section of the app.

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