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Miataru is a free and open source location tracking service that allows you to track the geographical location of things. This iOS app allows you to use the publicly available Miataru server (or your own) to track location data and to visualize the location data.

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    Take full control of your location data: Welcome to Miataru!

    With the Miataru iOS app you take full control of your location data. You can specify what is reported and how long data is going to be stored before it times-out automatically.

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    Reliable and Easy to use.

    Every Miataru device has it's own and unique Device ID. This device ID in combination with the server adress is used to identify a Miataru device. If you want to add a device on the same server to your list you can easily scan the devices QR code provided by the app.

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    Built for iOS 7

    The Miataru iOS app uses the battery saving technologies that come with iOS. It's switching accuracy to consume as little battery as possible depending if it's running on background or foreground.